This was a University Project where we had to rebrand the Wellington festival Cuba Dupa. We had to decide what the core values of Cuba Dupa were and design accordingly. Our understanding of Cuba Dupa was that it was a festival to challenge the idea of normal. 
We created an identity of five characters that pushed the idea of normal which then translated to a new logo, a marketing campaign, merchandise, and social media redesigns. These all change over time leading up to the festival.
My main contribution to this project was the illustrations and the marketing campaign.
The brief for this project was the same brief that the Cuba Dupa organisers gave their design team. Due to their busy schedules, we only had a few opportunities to meet but it was a good experience being able to talk to both designer and client, and get their feedback. We were also able to present our final work to them. It was important in this project to understand that everyone had different expectations, but finding the best solution to the brief for the client was ultimately our goal. 
Some process images:

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